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Hi everyone! I need new blogs to follow so I’m starting a series of posts about my interests (I have a lot). If you’re just a casual fan or a dedicated blog, reblog this so I can find you and check out your blog! If I like it you’ll have a new dedicated follower.

REBLOG if you are a member of one of the above fandoms and spread the love! Thank you!

Below are the listed fandoms:

Live Action TV: Doctor Who, Supernatural, Community, Sherlock

Animated TV: Avatar the last Airbender, Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, Legend of Korra

Video Games: Bioshock, Fallout, Skate, Elder Scrolls

Youtube Gamers: Game Grumps, JonTron, ProJared, Markiplier

Thanks for coming to my page! I Love You!

P.S. I will be checking blogs as often as I can but be patient! I promise I will look at yours.

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